About GLS

Steve Bursaw started in the business of locating in 1989. His first 6 years were with SM&P with 3 of them as a supervisor. He left SMP to go to Triple E Utility to serve in a city manager position, a position he held for 9 years until starting out on his own in Feb of 2005.

With having started out on his own Steve was able to do things that benefited the utilities more than they had in the past. With outside of the box thinking and ways of doing things sales have grown 30-40 percent each year. Steve has the desire to do the right thing, often making sure other utilities are protected even though they don't have a contract with GLS Utility, by calling the right people at different utilities their facilities have been protected when otherwise the chance of being compromised was great.

This philosophy has been integrated in the training of all employees and carries out in their everyday workload. When we see something that isn't right we don't shrug it off because we aren't responsible we make phone calls to the utilities or their locators to try and correct the problem to make sure the excavation planned goes safely. Its everyone's responsibility to make sure it's safe, from the dedication of the one-call staff, to the locator, to the utility providing the most current and up to date prints, with this type of partnership great things can be accomplished.